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Changes Coming to Virginia Housing’s Mortgage Cadence Loan Origination System in October 2021

We are excited to announce a change coming to our Loan Origination System – Mortgage Cadence - ELC will be launching a new Mortgage Cadence Platform – MCP. This will take place in early October.

Why is this happening? Two reasons:

1. Microsoft Silverlight will no longer be supported: As some of you may be aware Mortgage Cadence ELC requires Microsoft Silverlight, which will no longer be supported beginning October 12, 2021. You will no longer need an additional application to run Mortgage Cadence. It has been rewritten with HTML 5, which is supported by the Google Chrome browser.

2. Internet Explorer to Google Chrome: And as most are also aware, Internet Explorer is being phased out, which has been the required browser that supported Microsoft Silverlight with Mortgage Cadence. Now that it is moving to HTML 5 the supported browser will be Google Chrome.

What does this mean for you? Three things:

1. New URL & look: The new URL for the Mortgage Cadence Platform will be forthcoming. Stay tuned for another announcement. And the look of Mortgage Cadence is changing, it will look much like most web applications you use today.

2. Google Chrome requirement: Since Mortgage Cadence will be operating on Google Chrome you must confirm with your IT department that you have the Google Chrome browser.

3. Microsoft Silverlight no more: Once the transition occurs Microsoft Silverlight will no longer be required to operate Mortgage Cadence.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements with more information about this new release of the Mortgage Cadence Platform, including information about training.


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