Virginia Housing will be updating servers, software, and equipment on the weekend of April 20-21.
All systems may be unavailable from 2:00 PM on Saturday until 1:00 PM on Sunday.

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Update to COVID-19 Guidance

September 22, 2021

Good news! Virginia Housing is simplifying its COVID-19 Forbearance Guidance.

Effective immediately, Virginia Housing is eliminating the requirement that closed loan packages be delivered to Virginia Housing within 7 business days of closing. Instead, lenders must deliver all closed loan packages to Virginia Housing within 10 business days of closing.

In addition. Virginia Housing will no longer require a verbal verification of employment (VVOE) be obtained 5 business days prior to closing. However, the lender continues to be responsible for meeting all requirements of the insurer/agency including VVOEs.

The COVID-19 Attestation will continue to be required.

This Attestation must be executed by all borrowers at closing confirming that COVID-19 has not impacted their employment status or their ability to make their mortgage loan payment in a timely manner. Lenders may continue using COVID-19 attestations developed by their legal departments in lieu of Virginia Housing’s COVID-19 Attestation as long as they meet the intent noted above.

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We appreciate your efforts to meet all of the additional COVID-19 forbearance overlays since April 2020 and we hope eliminating most of the overlays will provide some relief. Just like you, we will continue to monitor and let you know as soon as possible if any additional changes are necessary.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Toni Ostrowski, Managing Director of Homeownership.