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IT will be updating its servers, software, and equipment on the weekend of September 23-24.
All systems may be unavailable from 2:00 PM on Saturday until 1:00 PM on Sunday.

Department Contact Information
Business Solutions Lock Support:  LockDesk@VirginiaHousing.com

Loan Originations System: HomeownershipSupport@VirginiaHousing.com

Customer Service Toll free: 800-235-6938, Local: 804-782-1986
Final Document Review Suspense@VirginiaHousing.com
Homeownership Program Toll free: 800-227-8432, Local: 804-783-6725
Loan Programs Underwriting: Underwriting@VirginiaHousing.com
Purchase Review/QRA PurchaseReview@VirginiaHousing.com