Grant Helps New Hill Development Corporation’s Mission: Building Wealth in Charlottesville’s Black Community

March 21, 2022

A $20,000 Capacity Building Grant from Virginia Housing is helping an African American-led community development organization out of Charlottesville create its strategic plan.

New Hill Development Corporation’s mission is to help Greater Charlottesville’s Black community build financial resilience, economic opportunity and affordable housing. Since its creation in 2017, the group has focused on how to help the local Black community build wealth through homeownership or business ownership. The group also focuses on education, offering first-time homebuyer classes, financial workshops and more.

New Hill Development Corporation Logo

Virginia Housing’s Capacity Building Grant provides funding for nonprofits and local government entities to enhance their organizational goals to address affordable housing needs.

“Our strategic plan will address where we are going, how we’re going to get there and who we should partner with,” said Yolunda Harrell, Founder and CEO of New Hill Development Corporation. “Part of our job right now is to uncover all the opportunities out there.”

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