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Hear from Virginia Housing customers, partners and associates to learn more about how we are making housing affordable in Virginia.
Denise Franklin smiles in front of her new home

Owning my home has changed my life tremendously... I can come home, it's mine. I own it. There's no other feeling in the world.”

- Denise Franklin, Homeowner

What I look forward to most in having my own home is being able to have something to pass on to my children and let them have a forever home. A place to stay.”

- Rhonda Barrett, Homeowner

Rhonda Barrett, Homeowner, smiles in front of her home

Having graduated from college a few years ago, I didn't think it was possible to buy a home with my outstanding student loans. Virginia Housing made it possible with a grant. I couldn't believe these were available to first-time homebuyers without repayment.”

- Brandon, First-time homebuyer

I remember when I was a loan officer, there were times I didn't have any loan options for families who needed special financing. Virginia Housing has been a wonderful resource in helping to provide options to make the dream of homeownership a reality for so many Virginians.” 

- Gigi Houchins, Business Development Officer, Virginia Housing

 Faith Linton, Real Estate Devloper in front of flowers and building

I’m passionate about providing more affordable housing in Virginia, and I also believe our children need better access to STEM programs. Buckroe Pointe townhome community in Hampton offers both – residents have a safe, affordable place to call home and children can take advantage of STEM programs offered on-site in the community learning center.’’

- Faith Linton, Henrico County Real Estate Developer of Buckroe Pointe

What I liked the most was that they were taking an existing building and renovating it so that it could serve a new purpose. I absolutely love that idea... We've got to do more of that.”

- Stephanie, Renter

Photo of Shawneeqa and her small black poodle in their home

The most important thing I learned from the Virginia Housing class was learning what I was getting myself into, and learning the requirements of homeownership.”

- Shawneeqa, Homeowner