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Hear from Virginia Housing customers, partners and associates to learn more about how we are making housing affordable in Virginia.

“What I look forward to most in having my own home is being able to have something to pass on to my children, and let them have a forever home. A place to stay.”

- Rhonda Barrett, Homeowner

Rhonda Barrett, Homeowner, smiles in front of her home

Having graduated from college a few years ago, I didn't think it was possible to buy a home with my outstanding student loans. Virginia Housing made it possible with a grant. I couldn't believe these were available to first-time homebuyers without repayment.”

- Brandon, First-time homebuyer

I remember when I was a loan officer, there were times I didn't have any loan options for families who needed special financing. Virginia Housing has been a wonderful resource in helping to provide options to make the dream of homeownership a reality for so many Virginians.” 

- Gigi Houchins, Business Development Officer, Virginia Housing

 Faith Linton, Real Estate Devloper in front of flowers and building

I’m passionate about providing more affordable housing in Virginia, and I also believe our children need better access to STEM programs. Buckroe Pointe townhome community in Hampton offers both – residents have a safe, affordable place to call home and children can take advantage of STEM programs offered on-site in the community learning center.’’

- Faith Linton, Henrico County Real Estate Developer of Buckroe Pointe

What I liked the most was that they were taking an existing building and renovating it so that it could serve a new purpose. I absolutely love that idea... We've got to do more of that.”

- Stephanie, Renter


The most important thing I learned from the Virginia Housing class was learning what I was getting myself into, and learning the requirements of homeownership.”

- Shawneeqa, Homeowner