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Find information about the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program here, including access to the Landlord Portal, lists of benefits, requirements and more.

Program Overview

  • Housing Choice Voucher Landlords

    There are many reasons why becoming an HCV landlord is beneficial.

    • HCV landlords receive consistent rent payments.
    • The subsidy is paid directly by the government, so even if your tenant falls behind on payments, you still receive 70% of the rent each month.
    • There is a very low vacancy rate due to high demand.
    • We advertise your property for free, so you don’t need to do as much work to fill openings.
    • The tenants have already been screened and approved.
    • You retain all rights as property owner.

  • How to Become an HCV Program Landlord

    To start, you can list your property on VirginiaHousingSearch.com or any other advertising platform. HCV program tenants can apply, and if you choose to accept the voucher, the tenant will begin the application process.

    The tenant will give you a set of documents to complete and submit to the local housing authority who will then contact you to begin the verification and contract process. Paperwork you’ll need to provide or complete includes:

    • Request for Tax ID Number
    • Signed lease agreement
    • Housing Assistance Payment contract
    • Request or tenancy approval
    • An inspection of your property scheduled at your convenience

    After the paperwork is signed and the security deposit and portion of rent is paid, the tenant moves in. Soon after, you will receive your first payment from a local voucher agency. Sign up for direct deposit to receive your monthly rental payment.

  • Landlord Requirements

    As a landlord participating in the HCV program, you do have some requirements. These include:

    • Enforce and comply with the lease.
    • Comply with terms of the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) contract.
    • Maintain units in accordance with HUD’s Housing Quality Standards (HQS). HQS are HUD’s inspection requirements.
    • Make an appointment with a local agency to inspect the property using the inspection checklist.
    • Make sure the property meets HQS prior to initial lease-up and at least annually. HAP is abated if the landlord fails to make required corrections within the required timeframe.
    • Comply with the Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm Requirement, if applicable. 
    • All HCV Program Landlords must comply with this notice. Please read the notice and watch the video. 
  • HCV Program Landlord Portal

    Our portal gives you access you to review tenant information and payments without having to make calls or visits to the local voucher agency for assistance.

  • NSPIRE Standards

    The Housing Quality Standards will now be replaced with The National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate (NSPIRE) which is a new physical inspection protocol that has become the primary method for HUD physical inspections.

  • Additional Questions?

    For more information about how to get started or for general questions, you can contact us or your local housing agency.