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IT will be updating its servers, software, and equipment on the weekend of September 23-24.
All systems may be unavailable from 2:00 PM on Saturday until 1:00 PM on Sunday.

The Loan Origination Process

  • How it Works

    We use Accenture’s Mortgage Cadence Platform for the loan origination process, including registering and submitting loans, importing loan data and more.

  • How to Start

    First, notify Virginia Housing of the Lender Administrator(s) who will be responsible for the maintenance of their respective users. Virginia Housing will then provide administrators with access to create, modify and deactivate users.

  • User Guide and Important Documents

    See below for our system user guide, follow the link for more documents.

Train-the-Trainer Courses
If you’re interested in facilitating homebuyer education courses, we offer a number of opportunities.

Our Train-the-Trainer Courses help you prepare clients for the homebuying process.

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Homeownership Program

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