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Rental Housing Finance Announcements

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9/13/2022 New Cabinet Requirements and Inspections
9/6/2022 Private Activity Bond Allocation Usage and Forms
6/10/2022 Affordable Housing Initiative Request for Qualifications
4/20/2022 How to Preserve Deals in a Rising Rate Environment
3/31/2022 New Rental Insurance Requirements
9/10/2021 Tax-Exempt Financing 2022 and MUMI Underwriting Guidelines
6/15/2021 Virginia's Housing Opportunity Tax Credit
6/9/2021 Rental Housing and Mixed-Use Loan Application Changes
10/13/2020 Rent and Mortgage Relief Program November and December Rent Eligibility
9/30/2020 Tax-Exempt Financing 2021 Application Dates
9/15/2020 New State Program Pays Past-Due Rent
7/14/2020 Rental Housing Mortgage Forbearance and Tenant Protection
7/2/2020 Virginia Rent and Mortgage Relief Program (RMRP)
6/22/2020 Rental Housing Mortgage Forbearance and Tenant Protection
5/4/2020 Loan Commitments and Funding
4/24/2020 U.S. Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program
4/13/2020 Rental Housing Mortgage Forbearance and Tenant Protection
4/7/2020 Multifamily Forbearance Plans COVID-19 Response
3/30/2020 Rental Housing Loan Portfolio COVID-19 Response
1/20/2020 Delay REACH Virginia Lending Policy Effective Date