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Change of Business Relationship

As an owner of a Virginia Housing property, it is important to notify us of any changes relating to ownership, ownership structure or management agent.

There are many variables that may affect the process, but the first step is to complete the Request for Change in Ownership and/or Management Agent form and contact us.

Notification Process for Change in Ownership

Next steps may vary depending on the situation. We will consider the strength of the new ownership and its principles, the management of the property and future plans when considering approval.

  • Virginia Housing Financed Properties:
    If we finance the property, the change of ownership will require our approval. If this involves a complete transfer to a new owner/principle, we require written notification and permission from current ownership.
  • Non-Virginia Housing Financed Properties:
    If you are not using Virginia Housing financing, then you will be required to submit an Ownership Transfer Form. Additional information may also be requested. Complete the Request for Change in Ownership and/or Management Agent form above. Contact us at least 30 days prior to initiating a change in management agent. Send the notification to us.

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