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Housing Tax Credit Application Process

Ready to apply?

 You will need the following documents and forms to complete your application.


If a development is mixed construction, then a mixed construction application must be requested and submitted.


Please refer to the Tax Credit Manual for more information on the use and requirements of each item listed below.


The application below applies to both 9% and 4% housing tax credits.

Tab Dividers

Tab Group: Tab C
Tab Group: Tab D

Tab Group: Tab F
Tab Group: Tab H
Tab Group: Tab J

Tab Group: Tab K
Tab Group: Tab L
Tab Group: Tab M
Tab Group: Tab O
Tab Group: Tab S
Tab Group: Tab V
Tab Group: Tab Z
Tab Group: Tab AB

Application Resources

Document Group: QCT Lists


Still have questions about the Housing Tax Credit application process?

Email: TaxCreditApps@VirginiaHousing.com